India is the largest democracy in the world. With a population exceeding one billion, it is the fastest growing economy. A country believing in unity in diversity, it provides the largest manpower in every sphere of life.

Education is the thrust area and as such every possible source and resource is being directed towards it. India has more English-speaking people than Britain. Taking into account all the progressive and potential factors it becomes a must for publishers publishing in English language to be interested in making their presence felt in the Indian market.

Viva Group is an organisation which has all the answers and solutions for your marketing needs in India. Viva is a professionally managed organisation fully equipped and capable to partner, protect and promote your business interests in the Indian subcontinent.
We have been established for over a decade and a half and have since grown steadily but swiftly as the largest organisation in the country. Our headquarters is in the capital city Delhi. We have fully functional branch offices in all major metropolitan cities of India and the network spreads all over the country. All the office premises are owned by us and are fully equipped with the  latest communication and operational facilities. We employ over 150 professionally trained and experienced staff. Each establishment is headed by highly qualified personnel. Over the years we have attained and achieved excellent trade reputation in both domestic and international markets.