Title Become a Successful Supervisor
Subtitle Develop Essential People Skills
Author Rick Conlow, Doug Watsabaugh
ISBN 9788130918310
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 112
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Publishing year 2012
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About the book

Description: Becoming a supervisor for the first time usually comes with mixed emotions and a lot of questions. Will you be able to help others in ways no one did for you? Can you manage people effectively when they used to be your peers? Where do you start? Get the answers to all your questions and learn to be an effective and confident leader.


Become a Successful Supervisor demonstrates key strategies you can start using today to create a positive, powerful, motivating environment for your employees. You’ll learn how to:


• Successfully transition to the role of supervisor

• Become a more proactive communicator

• Develop coaching skills to increase employee satisfaction and productivity

• Acquire the necessary skills to deal with organizational change


Contents: Part 1: Transitioning to Supervision • The Opportunity • Your Role Changes Now • How You Use Your Time • Transition Speed Bumps • So, Now What? • Working Successfully with People • Part 2: High-Performance Management • Performance Management • How to Establish Clear Expectations • Giving Positive Feedback • Handling Performance Problems • Supervising with Flexibility • Performance Assessment • Strategies for Managing Performance • Part 3: Communicating with others Proactively • Building Interdependent Relationships • Communicating One-on-One with Employees • Communicating with a Team • Use a Team Approach • Communicating with Others • Communicating with Your Manager • Part 4: Coaching for Excellence • The Changing Playing Field • Coaching Behaviors in Supervisors • The Coaching Process • Strategies for Effective Coaching • Part 5: Dealing Positively with Change • A New Paradigm • Organizational Change • The Impact of Change • Communicating Change Effectively • Change Management Skills • Brainstorming Change Ideas • Problem-Solving Techniques • Appendix: Action Plan: Keep Excelling


About the Authors: Rick Conlow - A quick glance at his professional resume leaves you with the strong impression that effort and optimism are a winning combination. Case in point: With Rick by their side, clients have achieved double- and triple-digit improvement in their sales performance, quality, customer loyalty, and service results over the past 20-plus years and earned more than 30 quality and service awards.


In a day and age when optimism and going the extra mile can sound trite, Rick has made them a differentiator. His clients include organizations that are leaders in their industries, as well as others that are less recognizable. Regardless, their goals are his goals.


Rick’s life view and extensive background in sales and leadership-as a general manager, vice president, training director, program director, national sales trainer and consultant-are the foundation of his coaching, training, and consulting services. Participants in Rick’s experiential "live action" programs walk away with ah-has, inspiration, and skills they can immediately put to use.


These programs include "BEST Selling!"; "Moments of Magic!"; "Excellence in Management!"; "SuperSTAR Service and Selling!"; "The Greatest Secrets of all Time!"; and "Good Boss/Bad Boss-Which One Are You?"


Rick has also authored Excellence in Management, Excellence in Supervision, Returning to Learning, and Moments of Magic.


When he’s not engaging an audience or engrossed in a coaching discussion, this proud husband and father is most likely astride a weight bench or motorcycle, taking on the back roads and highways of Minnesota.


Doug Watsabaugh - Doug values being a "regular person," with his feet on the ground and head in the realities of the daily challenges his clients face. It’s his heart for and experience in helping clients deal with difficult situations that distinguish him from other sales performance and leadership development consultants.


His knowledge of experiential learning and his skill at designing change processes and learning events have enabled him to measurably improve the lives of thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations in a wide variety of industries ¬financial services, manufacturing, medical devices, consumer goods, and technology to name a few.


Before starting his own business, Doug served as the director of operations for a national training institute, manager of organization development for a major chemical company, and was responsible for worldwide training and organization development for the world’s third largest toy company.

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