Title The Art of Influencing and Selling
Author Ardi Kolah
ISBN 9780749464486
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 208
Book size 172 x 216 mm
Publishing year 2013
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About the book


Let me show you how to get great sales results- fast!

This book will help you use tried and tested no-fuss sales and techniques to approach prospective customers and clients without them wanting to run a mile! We’ll give you the confidence to write and deliver effective sales material and presentations as well as positively negotiate and close the sale.

You’ll learn how to make intelligent use of databases and other sales tools rather than becoming a slave to them, and how to create a realistic sales pipeline. You’ll develop skills that will get the most out of your investment in sales and marketing activities.


Introduction • About this book 

Chapter 1: Psychology of selling a product or service or yourself • The art of persuasion • The big issue • Trust builder • Redefinition of selling • Seeing things differently • Collaboration is the future of selling • Hypnotizing the audience to fall under your spell! 

Chapter 2: The sales pipeline and how to ensure it’s realistic • Introduction • Doing business on customers’ terms • The lead conversion process • Real and virtual worlds of prospecting for customers or clients • Monitoring the performance of your prospecting efforts 

Chapter 3: Up-selling, cross-selling, cold calling and warm calling • Introduction • The myths about selling • Asking the right questions • How to build rapport • How to apply outcome thinking • The art of up-selling • How to cross-sell successfully • How to cold-call without someone hanging up • How to turn a warm call into a sale 

Chapter 4: Effective approaches to prospective customers and clients • Introduction • Six ways to make a lasting impression • Understanding the short cuts to getting what we want • The art of sales negotiation • The future is about collaborating for profit 

Chapter 5: How to interrogate a database of contacts to get more sales • Introduction • Developing a customer, client and supporter database • Basic principles of data mining • Customer, client and supporter acquisition strategies • Using survival analysis to understand customers, clients and supporters 

Chapter 6: Making an effective sales presentation • Introduction • It’s about them, not about you • Overcoming your fears • Prior preparation prevents poor performance • Body talk • Delivering an effective sales pitch • How to avoid ‘death by bullet points’ • How to make a great close 

Chapter 7: How to write effective sales materials • Introduction • Outside in, not inside out • Content is king • Sales copy tips • E-mail • Web page • Online newsletters • Google AdWords • Sales letter • Product sales brochure • International Chamber of Commerce Code (2011) 

Chapter 8: The power of business networking • Introduction • Face to face • Word of mouth • Power of social media • Brand advocacy • Customer and client feedback • LinkedIn • Twitter • Facebook 

Chapter 9: How to get senior-level appointments in your diary • Introduction • Doing your homework • The basic etiquette of making an appointment • Identifying the appropriate decision maker • Getting past the gatekeeper • Tools to get appointments – Linkedin 

Chapter 10: Closing a sale and follow-up • Introduction • You’ve one chance to make a good first impression • Asking for what you want • Reading the signs • Overcoming objections and concerns • Remote closing • Maintaining the customer or client through to the next sale

Index • Endorsements

About the Author:

Ardi Kolah LL.M is prolific author and one of the most respected marketing and communication practitioners in the world. He holds a masters degree in law and is a fellow of the Chartered Institutes of Marketing and Public Relations, and a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Marketors. His unique approach had made Guru in a Bottle extremely popular throughout Europe, the USA and India.

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