Title High Impact Marketing That Gets Results
Author Ardi Kolah
ISBN 9780749464523
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Publishing year 2013
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Let me show you how to get great marketing results!  

This book will help you to use tried and tested no-fuss marketing methods to boost awareness of your brand among new and established customers.

We’ll give you the confidence to segment your market and customers so you can choose the right strategies for your business, products and services. You’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes with effective research and a practical marketing plan as well as how to use online marketing, PR, direct mail, promotions and other tools to run effective marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results.


Chapter 1: Market and customer segmentation • Introduction • The role of marketing planning • Determining the attractiveness of market segments • Market and customer segmentation in consumer markets • Market and customer segmentation in business markets • Approach to international market and customer segmentation 

Chapter 2: Writing a marketing plan • Introduction • The market strategy • Strategic marketing plan • How to write a 12-month tactical marketing plan 

Chapter 3: Understanding the marketing mix • Introduction • Marketing’s new vocabulary • The customer and client journey • What’s in the mix • Budget considerations • Marketing measurement 

Chapter 4: Brochures, press ads and print copy • Introduction • Evidence-based marketing • It’s not what you offer but what you deliver • The power of photography • Basic principles of writing great marketing copy • How to prepare high impact marketing brochures • The mechanics of a press ad • Effective use of print copy 

Chapter 5: Signs, posters and ambient media • Introduction • Best practice in creating signage • Best practice in creating posters • Modern use of ambient media • Future use of quick response (QR) codes • Alternatives to QR codes • The future of OOH advertising 

Chapter 6: E-marketing, m-marketing and direct marketing • Introduction • The nature of e-marketing • Building a mouse trap • Search engine optimization (SEO) • Websites of tomorrow • Social e-marketing • Framework for measuring social e-marketing • The world of Twitter for business • Blogging in real time • The world of Facebook for business • Best practice in m-marketing • Best practice in direct marketing 

Chapter 7: Public relations • Introduction • Management of reputation • Power of the narrative • Creating powerful PR ‘products’ • PR and its relationship with public affairs • Offline versus online media • Social media and PR strategy • Research, planning and measurement 

Chapter 8: Using promotions • Introduction • Objectives of sales promotions • Use of creativity in sales promotions • Off-the-shelf promotions • Joint promotions • Price promotions • Premium promotions (gift with purchase) • Prize promotions • International sales promotions • International Chamber of Commerce Code (2011) 

Chapter 9: Top 10 common marketing mistakes to avoid • Introduction • No vision or purpose to the marketing effort • Assuming you know who your customers or clients are • Linear thinking rather than creative thinking • Looking at the world from your point of view • Failing to understand the link between marketing and selling more stuff • Being in ‘transmit mode’ rather than ‘receive mode’ • Living in the past • Not thinking in terms of outcomes but outputs • Not learning from your customers and clients • Not learning from your mistakes

Chapter 10: Top 10 ways to save money in marketing • Introduction • Seek an opportunity in adversity • Do more with less • Think and act flexibly • Keep it simple • Use the web • Avoid dependency relationships with external agencies • Spend less than others say you should on marketing • Don’t just market to people you know - network • Collaborate with your customers and clients for profit • Know your ends from your means

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About the Author: 

Ardi Kolah LL.M is prolific author and one of the most respected marketing and communication practitioners in the world. He holds a masters degree in law and is a fellow of the Chartered Institutes of Marketing and Public Relations, and a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Marketors. His unique approach had made Guru in a Bottle extremely popular throughout Europe, the USA and India.


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