Title Read Now 1
Subtitle Reading Comprehension and Language Skills
Author Angus Maciver
ISBN 9788130926568
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 80
Book size 140 x 216 mm
Publishing year 2019
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Academic success is built on strong reading skills and higher-order thinking developed at an early age. However, getting children to read can be challenging in this age of electronic distractions. In spite of this, experience shows that children do take to reading when interesting material is available.

Adapted for South Asia from the internationally popular First Aid in English readers, favoured by learners worldwide for over three decades, Read Now is a series of graded readers for children of classes 1 to 8. The texts in these books are specially selected to arouse, maintain and satisfy the interest of the children. This interest helps them overcome difficulties in comprehension and the unfamiliarity of syntactic structures.

The selection in Read Now includes fables, legends, folk tales, short stories, extracts from classics, select non-fiction texts and a large number of poems. The key areas of learning covered by the series are:

• Reading comprehension

• Vocabulary

• Grammar

• Writing

• Life skills

• General knowledge

• Research skills

Attractive layout and colourful illustrations enliven the stories, poems, other texts and exercises, making learning lively and enjoyable.


Rufty and Tufty • The Story of Jumbo • Lost but Safe • The Fox and the Crow • The Lion and the Mouse • Strange Talk • A Bell for the Cat • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star • The Miser’s Gold • Strange – Is It Not? • The Ant and the Dove • The Smiling Shark • George and the Echo • There was a Little Girl • A New Way to Fish • The Rainbow Fairies • The Bear and the Kettle • A Candle, a Candle • Boom-Boom! • Choosing Shoes • Danger by the Seaside • The Dustman • Your Dictionary

Target Audience

Students of standard 1.

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