Title Delivering Lectures
Subtitle 53 Interesting Ways
Author Anthony Haynes, Karen Haynes
ISBN 9788130929521
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 160
Book size 140 x 216 mm
Publishing year 2020
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About the book


53 practical ideas for developing lectures are presented. They cover: structuring the lecturing process; improving students notes; using handouts; structuring and summarising content; linking lectures to each other; holding the studentsr attention; active learning during lectures; and monitoring learning. For each of the ideas, a problem or issue is identified and a practical teaching or learning method is proposed. Overall, the ideas are designed to help reflective practitioners in professional and higher education broaden their repertoire of pedagogical techniques.


Chapter 1: Structuring the process • Briefing • Flagging • Ground rules • Students’ questions • Orientation

Chapter 2: Improving students’ notes • Swop • Memory • Virtual lectures • ‘Now write this down’ • Displaying your notes • Review • Looking at students’ notes  

Chapter 3: Using handouts • Theme summary • Model your discipline • Problems • Questions • Uncompleted handouts • Article • Reading guide

Chapter 4: Structuring and summarising content • Structuring • Objectives • Advance organiser • Displaying the structure • Progressive structuring • Repetition • Simultaneous messages • The three most important things

Chapter 5: Linking lectures • Last week, next week • Preparation activities, follow-up activities • Spot the links • Theme lectures • References

Chapter 6: Holding attention • Mini-lecture • Breaks • ‘Now look at me when I’m talking’ • Ottoman railways

Chapter 7: Active learning during lectures • Lecture tutorials • Buzz groups • Problem centred and syndicate groups • Pyramids • Tiers • Reading • Quiet time • Drama • Students as teachers • Using the audience • Debate

Chapter 8: Checking on learning • The instant questionnaire • The three most important things . . . for students • Start with a test • Finish with a test • Spot test • ‘Are there any questions?’

About the Authors:

Karen Haynes is currently the Presidential Sponsor for the American Council on Education’s Southern California Network of Women in Higher Education and serves on the regional board of the San Diego Economic Development Corporation. She was honored in 2007 with the San Diego YWCA’s Top Women in Industry Award and the San Diego Business Journal’s "Women Who Mean Business" Award.

Anthony Haynes is former Chair of the English Association schools committee, former faculty co-ordinator and mentor of PGCE students and NQTs.

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