Title Achieving Sales Success and Business Growth
Subtitle Winning in the Trust and Value Economy
Author Meridith Elliott Powell
ISBN 9788130930480
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Binding Hardbound
No of pages 224
Book size 153 x 229 mm
Publishing year 2015
Original publisher Global Professional Publishing Ltd.
Published in India by Viva Books Private Limited
Exclusive distributors Viva Books Private Limited
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About the book


Meridith Elliott Powell has written a truly innovative and powerful book that openly shares the secrets, the tips, and the strategies of exactly how to make this economy work for you.

- Dean Lindsay, Author of The Progress Challenge and Cracking the Networking CODE


If you want to be successful in this economy, the first thing to realize is just how incredibly different it is. No matter what the experts and business gurus are saying or predicting, the truth is that no matter what the economy does - whether it goes up or goes down -your customer has forever changed and that change will impact you and your entire business.

Achieving Sales Success and Business Growth is a practical how-to book for business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers and other professionals looking to stay competitive in today’s market. It offers insights into the psychology of today’s customer, and reasons why the importance of customer engagement, experience, and personal connection has increased. It offers specific tips and techniques to guide a business through changes necessary to not only stay afloat, but to thrive in a way that is enjoyable for all involved. It’s a book written on the principle that today’s change must not be ignored, that this change is different, an economy we’ve never experienced before.


Chapter 1: The Economic Shift-It’s a Good Thing
Chapter 2: The Changing Landscape
Chapter 3: The Changed Customer
Chapter 4: Embrace Change; Revel in Opportunity
Chapter 5: It’s About Trust & Value – Not Price
Chapter 6: You Are Now the CEO of Customer Service
Chapter 7: Plan for Change
Chapter 8: Standing Still is Moving Backwards
Chapter 9: Strengthen Your Foundation- Know Who You Are
Chapter 10: Market Your Values
Chapter 11: Relationship Building 101
Chapter 12: Connections Are The New Currency
Chapter 13: Sell Small To Sell Big
Chapter 14: Newsflash: Not Everyone Wants to Do Business With You
Chapter 15: Sell Opportunity- Become a Partner and an Advocate
Chapter 16: Overfill Your Sales Funnel
Chapter 17: Yes, You Can Succeed in This New Economy
Chapter 18: What’s Next

About the Author:

Meridith Elliott Powell is an internationally certified coach, speaker, and business development expert. Founder and owner of MotionFirst, she helps executives and business owners build cultures that make sales fun, easy and incredibly productive. An awardwinning business owner, Meridith’s unique background includes highlevel leadership and executive positions in sales, marketing and finance. Her signature style and her ability to rapidly connect with people make her a sought-after speaker, coach and strategist. Honors include the Athena Leadership Award, inclusion in Verve Magazine’s “Top 20 Professional Women to Watch” (2010) and selection as “Best Business Coach” by the WNC Business Journal in 2008. She also just signed on with a major online radio network to host her own weekly show starting in June.

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