Title The Change Intelligence Factor
Subtitle Mastering the Promise of Extra-Ordinary
Author Jane R Flagello
ISBN 9788130931098
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 168
Book size 153 x 229 mm
Publishing year 2015
Original publisher ASTD Press
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About the book


Change is the name of the game in the complex business climate you face today. Successfully moving through change initiatives requires new skills. Flagello marries the concepts of change with emotional intelligence to offer you an easy to follow formula for success in the new economy. Executives, managers, supervisors, leaders, and knowledge-workers will learn how to leverage key emotional change skills into high powered change intelligence drivers that lead to outstanding personal and professional performance results.
This title presents the three fundamental principles of Change Intelligence and how to apply these principles in key areas of the workplace: engaging employees, communications, leadership development and customer service. Your results - more effective outcomes generated with less struggle. And as the line between your work and your personal life continue to overlap more and more, embracing Change Intelligence principles enables you to balance these important life arenas.


Change Intelligence Factor Defined
Preface: The Idea of Mastery • Introduction: Designing the Alliance

Chapter 1: Change Fundamentals: The Marriage of Emotions and Change
Developing Change Intelligence • Insights for Action

Chapter 2: Practices to Grow Your Change Intelligence
Practice 1: Develop Discipline through Awareness • Practice 2: Expand Your Perceptions • Practice 3: Take Effective Action

Chapter 3: Building Synergy for the “We” Organization
Introducing the “We” Workplace • Application 1: Become Engagement Centric • Application 2: Harness the Power of Conversation • Application 3: Embrace the Possibility of Conflict • Application 4: Lead and Serve: The Promise of Extra-Ordinary Fulfilled

Chapter 4: Your Personal Challenge: Embrace Transformation

Influential Readings • Acknowledgments • About the Author • About TPH

About the Author:

Jane devotes
her time and attention to coaching people and organizations through change initiatives so that the results produced by their efforts are exceptional. With more than 40 years in the education and business community, Jane embraces the idea that focusing on your strengths is the surest way to bring out your best and make a real difference.
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