Title Parivesh Hindi Pathmala - 0: with CD
Author Lakshmi Jain, Sujata saxena
ISBN 9788130930176
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Binding Paperback Flaps
No of pages 76
Book size 216 x 280 mm
Publishing year 2015
Original publisher Viva Education
Published in India by Viva Education
Exclusive distributors Viva Education
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Status New Arrival
About the book

Parivesh Hindi Pathmala is a series of nine books for beginners to class 8. The series has been developed keeping in mind the evolving thought process of the younger generation. Along with topics related to conservation of environment and moral values, the books also include individual and group projects and activities.

Salient features of the Parivesh

•      Prescribing to all boards
•      Easy to understand language
•      A variety of text
•      Attractive pictures
•      Text-cum workbook
•      Exercises to enhance imagination and thinking skills
•      Teacher’s manual available
•      Stories and rhymes given for extra reading
•      Word bank included
•      MCQs given in different forms
•      Value-based and Life Skill questionsincluded
•      Separate CD available for students and teachers
•      Student"s CD includes audio visual representation of each lesson, interactive exercises, activities, listening skills and test papers
•      Teacher"s CD includes matter of student"s CD, flip book and test generator

Unique Selling Points

•      Objective of the lesson given in the beginning of each lesson in books 2-5
•      Dictation given in all chapters in books 2-8
•      Value-based and Life skill questions given in all chapters
•      PSA and OTBA given from book 4
•      HOTS-based questions given from book 2

Unseen passages and text-based passages given in books 2-8

Target Audience:

Schools and Students of Class Pre-Primary.
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