Title Theory of Space
Author Dariusz Stanislaw Sobolewski
ISBN 9789385919213
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No of pages 182
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Publishing year 2016
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Theory of Space restores proper cause-and-effect relationships in physics, gives the correct interpretation of the notion of time and other fundamental physical quantities in spaces of more than three dimensions thus giving the correct Euler equations in these spaces. The book reveals the structure of space and particles, explains the essence of all types of interactions, introduces additional components to the dependence E(v). The gravitational and electromagnetic interactions are described in detail, the nature of matter and antimatter is explained, and the existence of a new elementary particle, proving that space has four spatial dimensions is indicated. The theory covers all the branches of physics, including cosmology by setting the radius of the universe, the distance between three-dimensional boundary hypersurfaces etc.
Finally, the book refers to other theories such as, inter alia, quantum mechanics, relativity, etc. revealing their nature, limitations, and proposing a modification of quantum mechanics by taking the four dimensions of space and all types of oscillations into account.

Entries included:

• Introduction
• Cause-and-effect relationships of interactions
• The structure of space
• Euler equations in the four-dimensional space
• The notion of time, mass, and energy, and the Lorentz transformation
• Quarks
• The essence of quantum mechanics
• Preliminary analysis of weak and strong interactions
• Supplement


Chapter 1: Introduction • Introduction • An approximate description of reality • Interpretation of physical phenomena
Chapter 2: Cause-and-effect relationships of interactions • Physical objects • The structure of physical objects • The essence of interactions
Chapter 3: The structure of space• Disturbances of space in E3 • The postulate of sourcelessness of vector fields which describe interactions • The source reduction rule • Vortices in the four-dimensional space • Vortex hypersurfaces
Chapter 4: Euler equations in the four-dimensional space • Euler equations in the four-dimensional space • Angular momentum in the four-dimensional space • Space channel at rest
Chapter 5: The notion of time, mass, and energy, and the Lorentz transformation• The notion of time • Parametrization of differential manifold MRe vs. utter time • The Lorentz transformation • The physical interpretation of the postulate of change of the orientation of mirror spaces • Transformation of velocity • The notions of mass and energy • Gravitational interactions • The curvature of space of a single astronomical object • The geometry of gravitational interactions • The physical sense of the vector of asymmetry of mirror spaces • The photon in the gravitational field • The radius of the Universe
Chapter 6: Quarks • A space channel moving in uniform motion • A space channel moving in uniform motion - an approximation • Interpretation of electric field • Interpretation of magnetic field • The Lagrange function for a space channel in the electric and magnetic fields • Electromagnetic potential
Chapter 7: The essence of quantum mechanics • Precession of a space channel vs. de Broglie waves • The essence of quantum mechanics • Entangled states
Chapter 8: Preliminary analysis of weak and strong interactions • Interactions between spatial vortices • Weak interactions • Strong interactions
Chapter 9: Supplement • Measurement of the neutrino’s velocity at CERN

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Students and Academicians of Physics, Astronomy and Space Science.
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