Title Will This Be China’s Century?
Subtitle A Skeptic’s View
Author Mel Gurtov
ISBN 9789385919046
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Publishing year 2017
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“Gurtov ... offers a measured assessment of China’s global influence, writing concisely about the extent of China’s development over recent decades, but also highlighting real challenges and weaknesses.”
Tim Summers, International Affairs

“In recent decades, scores of books have been written about China and US-China relations. This book is surely among the best.”
Michael Marien, globalforesightbooks.org

“A crisp and insightful meditation on the implications of a rising China.”
John Delury, Global Asia

“A research-rich, cogent skeptic’s challenge to the premise of many China scholars.”

“Mel Gurtov’s wide-ranging and user-friendly survey of China’s resurgence and US-China interdependence deflates claims of an emerging Chinese hegemony.... Noting that the US-China bond is the world’s most important bilateral relationship, Gurtov challenges both nations to create a framework for common security that can reverse growing militarism and permit all nations to focus on the real challenges in the new century: overcoming poverty, violence, inequality and environmental destruction.”
Mark Selden, Binghamton University

“Gurtov offers an Olympian perspective on China’s place in world politics. His book is a gem.”
Dali Yang, University of Chicago



Mel Gurtov takes issue with the widespread view that China is on the way to rivaling or even displacing the United States as the dominant world power.

Gurtov identifies serious constraints that will keep the country’s leadership focused for the foreseeable future on challenges at home. Arguing that China’s economic rise has exacerbated problems of social inequality, environmental degradation, official corruption, and more—and that its military capabilities and ambitions are far more limited than many observers have suggested—he makes a strong case that the most productive US policy will be one of engagement on issues of common concern, rather than confrontation or containment.


Chapter 1: Exploring the “Century” Issue
Chapter 2: Interpreting China’s Rise
Chapter 3: Evaluating China’s Place in the World
Chapter 4: China’s Reach
Chapter 5: China’s “Good Citizenship”
Chapter 6: Feet of Clay
Chapter 7: The United States by Default?
Chapter 8: Whose Century?
Chapter 9: Toward Sino-US Reengagement
Chapter 10: Reassessing the China Challenge
Appendix: Selected Documents • Wang Jisi, “Inside China” (2010) • China’s National Defense in 2010 (2011) • Charter 08 (2008) • Open Letter of Party Elders (2010) • US-China Joint Statement (2011) • Joint Statement on the US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (2012)

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About the Author:

Mel Gurtov is professor emeritus of political science at Portland State University and editor in chief of the journal Asian Per

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