Title How to Crack the SSB
Subtitle An Intuitive and Scientific Approach
Author Ujjwal Chugh
ISBN 9789385919770
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About the book


  • The book is strictly in accordance with the latest system of SSB. It covers all the aspects of SSB for NDA, CDS, SSC, 10+2 Technical Entry, and BE / BTech Technical Entry Exams.
  • The subject matter of the book has been scientifically designed with a 360° holistic approach. Under no circumstances will the candidates feel the need for any coaching.
  • Each chapter of the book has been developed scientifically after making a proper logical analysis.
  • Besides the detailed explanations of concepts, practical examples are also given to enhance the learning skills of the candidates. Part B of the book contains exercises that are arranged with the objective of making the candidates progress at a high pace.
  • The book emphasises on enhancing the Officer like Qualities in the candidates. The chapter on the OLQs has been created after deep and meticulous research.
  • Apart from being useful for the candidates who want to crack the SSB, this book can also prove to be of great help to the readers who want vital tips on overall personality development, irrespective of their career options. Written scientifically and strategically, this book contains a technically advanced feature of QR Codes. At various sections in the book, you will find QR Codes that have been incorporated for more interactive learning and knowledge attainment.

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Part A
Chapter1. Services Selection Board
What is SSB?
Service Selection Boards • Composition of SSB
Need for SSB
Screening Test • Psychology • Interview • GTO (Group Testing Officer)
Facilities for Candidates at SSB
Prerequisites for the SSB

Summary • MCQs

Chapter 2. Officer Like Qualities (OLQs)
What are OLQs?
Need for Studying the OLQs
Types of OLQs

Planning and Organising • Effective Intelligence • How to Enhance Effective Intelligence within You • Reasoning Ability • How to Enhance Reasoning Ability within You • Organising Ability • How to Enhance Organising Ability within You • Power of Expression • How to Enhance Power of Expression within You
Social Adjustment • Social Adaptability • How to Enhance Social Adaptability within You • Cooperation • How to Enhance Cooperation within You • Sense of Responsibility • How to Enhance Sense of Responsibility within You
Social Effectiveness • Initiative • How to Enhance Initiative within You • Self-confidence • How to Enhance Self-confidence within You • Speed of Decision • How to Enhance Speed of Decision within You • Ability to Influence a Group • How to Enhance ‘Ability to Influence a Group’ within You • Liveliness • How to Enhance Liveliness within You
Dynamism • Determination • How to Enhance Determination within You • Courage • How to Enhance Courage within You • Stamina • How to Enhance Stamina within You
Various Human Body Organs that Reflect OLQs
Summary • MCQs

Chapter 3. Screening Tests
What is Screening Test?
Need for Screening Test
Types of Screening Test

Verbal Test: Model Questions
Non-verbal Test: Model Questions
Picture Perception and Discussion Test: Need for Conducting Picture Perception and Discussion Test • Picture Perception • How to Write a Story in PPDT • Sample Question • Discussion on the Picture • Individual Narration • Group Discussion
Screening Result
Do’s and Don’ts for Screening Tests

Mistakes Often Committed by Candidates in Screening Tests
Summary • MCQs
Appendix: Solution to the Verbal and Non Verbal Test • Verbal Test • Non Verbal Test
Model Set for Screening Tests

Chapter 4. Psychology (Beginning of Phase II
What is Psychology?
Need for Conducting Psychology Test
Call for Right Ideology
Psychology Tests

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): What is TAT? • What to do in TAT • Rules for TAT • Action Plan – Winning Strategy for TAT • Picture Analysis • Do’s & Don’ts for TAT • Piece of Advice
Word Association Test (WAT): What is WAT? • What to do in WAT • Rules for WAT • Action Plan for Positive Words • Action Plan for Negative Words • Do’s & Don’ts for WAT • Piece of Advice
Situation Reaction Test (SRT): What is SRT? • What to do in SRT • Rules for SRT • Action Plan – Winning Strategy for SRT • Guidelines for SRT • Piece of Advice
Self-description Test (SDT): What is SDT? • What to do in SDT • Rules for SDT • Action Plan – Winning Strategy for SDT • Piece of Advice • Sample of SDT
Summary • MCQs
Model Set for Psychology Tests

Chapter 5. Group Testing Officer
What are GTO tasks?
Need for GTO tasks 108
Types of GTO Tasks

Indoor Tasks
Group Discussion: What is GD? • What to do in GD • Golden Tips • Piece of Advice for GD • Sample of Real Time GD
Group Planning Exercise: What is GPE? • What to do in GPE • Action Plan – The Winning Strategy • Golden Tips • Piece of Advice for GPE • Sample Problem
Outdoor Tasks
Progressive Group Task: What is PGT? • What to do in PGT • Rules for PGT • Action Plan – The Winning Strategy • Golden Tips • Piece of Advice for PGT • Sample Problem
Half Group Task: What is HGT? • What to do in HGT • Rules for HGT • Action Plan – The Winning Strategy • Golden Tips • Piece of Advice for HGT • Sample Problem
Command Task: What is CT? • What to do in CT • Rules for CT • Action Plan – The Winning Strategy • Golden Tips • Piece of Advice for CT • Sample Problem
Lecturette: What is Lecturette? • What to do in Lecturette • Golden Tips • Piece of Advice for Lecturette • Sample of Lecturette
Individual Obstacles: What is IO? • What to do in IO • Rules for IO • Golden Tips • Piece of Advice for IO • Types of IO
Group Obstacle Race/Snake Race: Introduction of GOR • Rules for GOR • Golden Tips • Piece of Advice for GOR • Sample Problem
Final Group: What is FGT? • What to do in FGT • Rules for FGT • Action Plan – The Winning Strategy • Golden Tips • Piece of Advice for FGT • Sample Problem
Summary • MCQs

Chapter 6. Interview
What is Interview?
Need for Interview
Aim of Interview

The Types of Questions Asked in an Interview: Leading Questions • Open-Ended Questions • Probing Questions • Close-Ended Questions
Action Plan – The Winning Strategy
Personal Information Questionnaire: What is PIQ form? • Template PIQ form • Why to fill the PIQ form • Guidelines for filling the PIQ form
Interview Environment
Making a Splendid Impression
Hand gripping the Interview Questions
Mistakes Often Committed by the Candidates in Interview
Sample Interview
Summary • MCQs

Chapter 7. Pilot Aptitude Battery Test
What is PABT?
Need for Conducting PABT
PABT Tests
Written Test
Magnetic Compass: How to Read a Magnetic Compass
Airspeed Indicator: How to Read an Airspeed Indicator
Altimeter: How to Read an Altimeter
Turn or Back Indicator: How to Read Turn or Back Indicator
Artificial Horizon: How to Read Artificial Horizon
Climbing and Descent Indicator: How to Read Climbing and Descent Indicator
Machine Test: The Light Control Test • Drum Test
Summary • MCQs

My Live Experience at SSB

Part B

Chapter 1. Sample Sets for Verbal Reasoning
• Sample Sets 1–20
• Answer Key
Chapter 2. Sample Sets for Non Verbal Reasoning
• Sample Sets 1–30
• Answer Key
Chapter 3. Sample Sets for WAT and SRT
• Word Association Test: Sample Sets 1-5
• Situation Reaction Test: Sample Set 1

F.A.I.L. (Must Read)

About the Author:

Ujjwal Chugh
, the author of this book, is a young and dynamic entrepreneur and visionary with a versatile personality, always willing to demonstrate his great potential for innovation. He strongly believes that “Success comes with a vision and an intuitive mind”, and to him, success means acquiring infinite knowledge. A leading digital visionary and strategic marketer at the peak of an unparalleled career, he is the founder and CEO of Innovative Solutions (ISOLS GROUP), a firm dealing in end to end software & web solutions to numerous enterprises in India. His firm has earned a pride of place as a leading provider of smart strategic digital marketing solutions to various brands and enterprises. He has been highly extolled by all the management and technical institutes across the country, for conducting various training programmes and workshops related to digital marketing and entrepreneurship. He is widely recognised as a mentor to upcoming pool of talent, with the distinction of being an excellent motivational speaker. He has also conducted seminars in different schools on “How to crack the competitive exam for the Indian Armed Forces”. Mr Chugh is an Engineer in Information & Technology (IP University), and his keen interest in exploring prospects and opportunities of success and growth through innovative ideas and insights has taken a deep seat in the emerging markets. Prior to going for an entrepreneurial career, the author had a special craving to be a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. He cracked NDA and SSB twice with high aplomb but didn”t get joining instructions for the Indian Air Force, as he was detected 0.25 myopic. Thereafter, he took a call to be an entrepreneur as he was medically unfit to pursue a career in the Indian Air Force. At the outset of his entrepreneurial career, he contented his passion by joining Indian Air Wing for two years, where he flew the Microlite “ZEN Stol 701” at No.1 Delhi Air Squad (Flying Branch), representing Delhi at Vayu Sena Camp, Bengaluru. Mr Chugh strongly believes in, and operates with the laws of karma. In keeping with his conviction, he flows with the nature”s cause and effect relationship, the quintessence of which can be expressed by the time-tested assumption that everything in this Universe is governed by the higher sciences and every cause has an effect. With his intense diligence and demeanor, he is striving hard to channelise the youth and is working round the clock to measure his ascent to the peaks of future with the fulfillment of his ultimate vision.

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This book is useful for candidates who want to crack the SSB.

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