Title Test and Assess Your Brain Quotient
Subtitle Discover Your True Intelligence with Tests of Aptitude, Logic, Memory, EQ, Creative and Lateral Thin
Author Philip Carter
ISBN 9788130934143
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 240
Book size 140 x 216 mm
Publishing year 2016
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About the book



Many experts argue that the traditional notion of intelligence, based on IQ testing, is far too limited. There are many different types of intelligence, such as kinaesthetic, logical, interpersonal, visual/spatial and linguistic, that account for a broader range of human potential in children and adults.
Test and Assess Your Brain Quotient helps you to assess these multiple intelligences. It consists of numerous tests and assessments to examine your:

  • agility of mind;
  • powers of logical analysis;
  • numerical, verbal and spatial aptitudes;
  • memory and personality;
  • emotional intelligence.

The results of the tests are then collated into a final section, providing an overall rating or Brain Quotient (BQ). The BQ reveals your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to identify your true potential for achievement. It will help you to build and capitalize on these strengths while improving your performance in areas of weakness.

Test and Assess Your Brain Quotient will help you to exploit your enormous brain potential, increase its performance and enhance speed of thought. Whether you want to find out how clever you really are, or just to stretch your mind for your own entertainment, this is a fascinating, challenging book.



Chapter 1 IQ testing
Test one: IQ test • Answers

Chapter 2 Agility of mind
Test one: speed test - true or false • Test two: verbal dexterity test • Test three: eclectic agility of mind test • Test four: find the letter test • Test five: word and letter arrangement test • Answers • Agility of mind: overall assessment

Chapter 3 Tests of logical analysis
Test one: general test • Test two: progressive numerical matrix test • Test three: symbolic complete the sequence test • Answers • Tests of logical analysis: overall assessment

Chapter 4 Tests of numerical aptitude
Test one: sequences • Test two: mental arithmetic test • Test three: complete the equation test • Test four: general numerical test • Answers • Tests of numerical aptitude: overall assessment

Chapter 5 Tests of spatial aptitude
Test one: box clever test • Test two: general test • Answers • Tests of spatial aptitude: overall assessment

Chapter 6 Personality questionnaires
Test one: attitude • Test two: success factor • Test three: how imaginative are you? • Answers • Personality questionnaires: overall assessment

Chapter 7 Tests and exercises of creative thinking

Part 1: tests of creative thinking
Test one: (symbolic) odd one out test • Test two: find the missing symbol test • Test three: diagrammatic find the link test • Answers • Tests of creative thinking: overall assessment
Part 2: exercises of creative thinking
Exercise one: left-fright-brain thinking personality test • Exercise two: imaginative shapes • Exercise three: the bucket test
Chapter 8 Memory
Memory tests

Chapter 9 Tests of verbal aptitude
Test one: synonym test • Test two: antonym test • Test three: synonym and antonym test • Test four: lexical ability test • Answers • Tests of verbal aptitude: overall assessment

Chapter 10 Overall BQ rating and assessment

About the Author:

Philip Carter is an IQ test expert who is continually devising new IQ tests and puzzles. He has produced many books covering all aspects oftesting, puzzles and reasoning. These include Advanced IQ Tests, IQ and Aptitude Tests, IQ and Personality Tests, IQ and Psychometric Tests Workbook, and IQ and Psychometric Tests, and (with the late Ken Russell) Succeed at IQ Tests, Test Your IQ, Test and Assess Your 10, The Times Books of IQ Tests (1-5) and Ultimate IQ Tests.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for all career-conscious youths who appear in different competitive examinations.
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