Title Aptitude, Personality and Motivation Tests, 3/e
Subtitle Analyse Your Talents and Personality, and Plan Your Career
Author Jim barrett
ISBN 9788130934181
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Publishing year 2016
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About the book


“A great source of preparation” —The Evening Standard
“Could help you land the job you want.”—The Sun


Aptitude, Personality and Motivation Tests provides you with comprehensive, well-proven psychological methods that will help you to understand and make full use of your abilities. Once you have built a personal profile of attributes and skills, you can use this knowledge for:

  • career guidance and planning
  • thorough preparation for tests
  • gaining self-awareness and making full use of your talents and abilities

Each chapter contains a test, instructions on how to mark  the test, comments on what the test measures and advice on how to use the information from the test. This book also includes a very useful career database.


Preface to the third edition


Part 1: Aptitudes

Chapter 1. Visual reasoning test: Answers to visual reasoning test

Chapter 2. Numerical reasoning test: Answers to numerical  test

Chapter 3. Verbal Analysis test: Answers to verbal analysis test

Chapter 4. Sequential reasoning test: Answers to sequential reasoning test

Chapter 5. Spatial recognition test: Answers to spatial recognition test

Chapter 6. Three-D Test: Answers to three-D test

Chapter 7. Systems test: Answers to systems test

Chapter 8. Vocabulary test: Answers to vocabulary test

Chapter 9. Figurework test: Answers to figurework test

Chapter 10. Aptitude profiling and ‘IQ’ : Level of Score • Your aptitude profile • Difference between scores • IQ • Intelligence tests •  The IQ scale • Your IQ •

Part 2: Personality
Chapter 11. Personality test and job satisfaction:
  Personality test • Personality chart • Understanding your personality further • Interpretation of your scores • Description of personality titles

Part 3: Motivation
Chapter 12. Career search test:
Instructions • Career search test • Scoring • Motivation and careers chart • Interpretation of motivation and careers chart • Careers guide

Chapter 13.  Career development test:  Instructions • Career development test • Scoring • Areas for career development

Part 4: Career profiles
Chapter 14. Career database

Explanation of test items

About the Author:

Jim Barrett
is a chartered psychologists and consultant with many years’ experience advising organization of all sizes on their selection procedures and assessment systems. He is the co-author of the international best-seller Test Your Own Aptitude, and also How to Pass Advanced Aptitude Tests, Ultimate Aptitude Tests and Career, Aptitude and Selection Tests.

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Useful for competitive exams.
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