Title Bangladesh
Subtitle A Political History Since Independence
Author Ali Riaz
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‘An authoritative, analytically incisive and, above all, readable account of Bangladesh’s political history ... This will be essential reading for researchers, teachers, students, journalists and - dare I say it - politicians with an interest in Bangladesh and South Asia more widely.’
David Lewis, professor of social policy and development, LSE

‘To most observers, the politics of Bangladesh seem either a maze or a Jigsaw puzzle ... Ali Riaz brings to the task the credentials, tools and experience to make us confident that he can explain the path through the maze and find linearity to the puzzle ... he has broken new ground on Bangladesh.’
William B. Milam, Senior scholar at the Wilson Center and Former US ambassador to Bangladesh and Pakistan


Bangladesh is a country of paradoxes. The eighth most populous country in the world has attracted considerable attention from the international media and Western policy-makers in recent years, often for the wrong reasons: corruption, natural disasters, and volatile political situations since its independence from Pakistan in 1971. Institutional corruption, growing intolerance, and Islamist militancy have reflected the weakness of the state and undermined its capacity. Yet the country has attained considerable economic growth and successes in social indicators. Ali Riaz examines the political processes which engendered these paradoxical tendencies, taking into account the problems of democratization and the effects this has had, and will continue to have, in the wider South Asian region. This comprehensive and unique overview of political and historical developments in Bangladesh will provide essential reading for observers of Bangladesh and South Asia.


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Chapter 1: Making of the Nation, Making of the State: Nationalism and Mobilization
Chapter 2: The Rise and the Demise of Authoritarianism (1972-90)
Chapter 3: From Optimism to Retreat of Democracy (1991-2015)
Chapter 4: Democracy: Aspiration, Nature and Quality
Chapter 5: Political Parties, Elections and Party System
Chapter 6: Quest for a National Identity: Multiple Contestations
Chapter 7: Unpacking the Paradox of Development
Conclusion Looking Back, Looking Ahead

About the Author:

Ali Riaz is Professor and Chair of the Department of Politics and Government at Illinois State University, USA. He has previously taught at Dhaka University, Bangladesh, the University of Lincoln, UK, and Claflin University, South Carolina, USA, and worked as a broadcast journalist at the BBC World Service in London, England. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Hawai’i.

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