Title Evidence - Based Training Methods, 2/e
Subtitle A Guide for Training Professionals
Author Ruth Colvin Clark
ISBN 9788130930145
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 392
Book size 153 x 229 mm
Publishing year 2017
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About the book


Not all activity leads to learning. Move beyond the myths with an evidence–based approach.
Seasoned technical trainer Ruth Colvin Clark has synthesized the findings of today’s crucial learning research into a noteworthy refresher of her 2010 book. Delve into the foundational ideas of evidence–based practice and discover a clear pathway to applying best practices to the creation of your instructional products.
Follow along as Clark dissects popular training myths and offers best practice guidelines. You’ll drill into the evidence on use of graphics, text, and audio and walk away with tactics for implementing two of the most powerful instructional methods associated with learning: examples and practice.
This book covers:
  • research behind the limits of the human memory, the value of graphics, balancing activity with learning—  and how to apply it to training practices
  • the power of examples, practice, and feedback
  • brand-new material on scenario-based learning and games.
Whether you’re a classroom instructor, developer of training materials, training manager, or designer of any form of learning, you’ll find your training will be vastly more effective when you base your methods on evidence.


Chapter 1: Training Fads and Fables
Part 1: Evidence-Based Practice and Learning
Chapter 2: What is Evidence-Based Practice?
Chapter 3: Cognitive Load and Learning
Chapter 4: Engagement in Learning
Part 2: Evidence–Based Use of Graphics, Text, and Audio
Chapter 5: Visualize Your Content
Chapter 6: Explain Visuals
Chapter 7:  Make it Personal
Chapter 8:  Avoid Too Much of a Good Thing
Part 3: Evidence-Based Use of Examples and Practice
Chapter 9: Accelerate Expertise With Examples
Chapter 10: Does Practice Make Perfect?
Part 4: Evidence Applied: Best Practices With Explanations, Procedural Lessons, Scenario-Based Lessons, and Games
Chapter 11: Effective Explanations
Chapter 12: Teaching Procedures
Chapter 13: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills With Scenarios
Chapter 14: Games and Learning
Part 5: Evidence–Based Principles of Instruction
Chapter 15: The Big Picture: 10 Principles From Instructional Research
Appendix: A Synopsis of Instructional Methods
About the Author

About the Author:

Ruth Colvin Clark is a specialist in instructional design and technical training, determined to bridge the gap between academic research and practitioner application in instructional methods. She holds a doctorate in the field and is president of her own company, Clark Training & Consulting. Her books and articles focus on various aspects of training and e–learning.

Target Audience:
This book will be useful for management professionals, corporate leaders and general public.

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