Title E-Learning Fundamentals
Subtitle A Practical Guide
Author Diane Elkins and Desirée Pinder
ISBN 9788130932521
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No of pages 176
Book size 171 x 241 mm
Publishing year 2017
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This ultimate road map covers the entire e-learning landscape.
Why do we even need e-learning? What is an LMS? How do I write a storyboard? If you’re delving into e-learning and are coming up with more questions than answers, this guide is the high-level overview you’ve been looking for. In this book, e-learning development experts and educators Diane Elkins and Desirée Pinder deliver a comprehensive examination of the e-learning process from the ground up.
E-Learning Fundamentalsprovides the base of knowledge necessary to tackle everything from early concepts of e-learning down to its execution. Throughout, you’ll find vignettes that bring concepts to life as well as checklists and practical tools for designing and developing your first e-learning course.
In this book you will:
  • dive into the basics of e-learning design and development
  • explore the e-learning course design and development process–from analysis through evaluation
  • learn to write and storyboard a course, construct test questions, choose media, put the course together and establish a thorough review process.

Chapter 1: What is E–Learning? • Types of E–Learning • Advantages and Disadvantages of Asynchronous E-Learning • Elements of an E-Learning Course • Summary
Chapter 2: Developing an E-Learning Strategy • The Strategic Plan • Cost-Benefit Analysis • Generating Support • Summary  
Chapter 3: Managing an E–Learning Project• The Project Management Model and the ADDIE Model • Define the Project • Plan the Project • Implement, Monitor, and Adjust the Project  • Evaluate the Project  • Budgeting • Resources • Timelines and Development Ratios • Working With Vendors • Summary
Chapter  4: Tools of the Trade • Authoring Tools • Element Tools • Assessments • Audio and Video • Summary
Chapter 5: The Analysis Phase • Business Analysis • Audience Analysis • Technology Analysis • Summary
Chapter 6: The Design Phase: Broad Strategies• E–Learning and Instructional Design • Developing Objectives • Structuring the Content • Instructional Strategies • Selecting the Best Format • Special E-Learning Considerations: Standards and Compliance  • Summary  
Chapter 7: The Design Phase: Testing and Interactivity • Testing and Assessments • Summary  
Chapter 8: The Design Phase: Media, Interface, and Navigation  • Media • Interface and Navigation • The Design Document • Summary   
Chapter 9: The Development Phase: Writing the Course• Working With Storyboards • Elements of Storyboards • Storyboard Templates • Organizing Your Content • Converting Existing Content • Summary
Chapter 10: The Development Phase: Putting the Course Together • Rapid Prototyping • Rapid Development • Paper Review Cycles • Assembling the Course • On-Screen Review Cycles • Summary
Chapter 11: The Implementation Phase • Preparing the Audience • Ongoing Management • Summary   
Chapter 12: The Evaluation Phase • Level 1 Evaluation: Learner Reaction • Level 2 Evaluation: Learning • Levels 3 – 5 Evaluation: Impact • Summary
Chapter 13: Moving Forward • Find Your Path • Keep Learning • Summary
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About the Authors:

Diane Elkins is the president of Artisan E-Learning, a custom e-learning development company specializing in Articulate Studio, Storyline, Lectora, and Captivate. She has built a reputation as a national e-learning expert by being a frequent speaker at major industry events such as ATD’s International Conference & Exposition, ATD TechKnowledge, DevLearn, and Learning Solutions. She is also the co–author of the popular E-Learning Uncovered book series as well as E-Learning Fundamentals: A Practical Guide from ATD Press. She is a past president of the Northeast Florida and Metro DC chapters of ATD.
Desirée Pinder is a co-founder of Artisan E-Learning, where she provides custom e-learning development, specializing in Articulate, Captivate, and Lectora. She is also co-author of the E-Learning Uncovered book series.

Target Audience:

This book will be useful for educational software learners, economists and business trainers.
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