Title Sir Syed Ahmad Khan: Muslim Renaissance Man of India
Subtitle A Bicentenary Commemorative Volume
Author Editor: A. R. Kidwai
ISBN 9789386243553
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Publishing year 2020
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About the book

This commemorative volume, marking the bicentenary of an outstanding thinker, writer, educationist, and visionary — Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (1817-1898) brings into sharper light the various facets of Sir Syed’s genius. Contributors to the volume, hailing from the US, Europe, and South Asia, provide fresh perspectives on Sir Syed’s oeuvre, and his sterling contributions to domains as diverse as the Quran interpretation, Prophet Muhammad’s biography, social reform, Urdu language and literature, journalism, travelogue, archaeology, history, politics, inter-Faith understanding, and, above all, education.

This volume offers a nuanced, critical exploration of the historic phenomenon of the awakening of the Indian Muslims to the challenges of modernity, which was set in motion by this great Muslim Renaissance Man of India - Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.  

Sir Syed is, nonetheless, acclaimed most for having founded in 1877, against the bleak conditions contingent on the end of the Muslim rule in India, the Mohammedan-Anglo Oriental College (the MAO College) at Aligarh which sensitized Indian Muslims to Western education and modernity, which, in turn, inspirited them. In 1920, the MAO College was elevated to the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) which now ranks amid the top Indian universities. 





Foreword – Farhan Ahmad Nizami


Chapter 1:  Sir Syed’s Tafsir: Issues in Terminology and Concepts -  Revelation, Miracles, Angels and the Jinn (Syed Asim Ali)

Chapter 2: The Inheritance of  Sir Syed: A View from the West (Gordon Campbell) 

Chapter 3: Perspectives on Sir Syed and the Aligarh Movement (M Mohibul Haque)

Chapter 4: The Inspiration Behind Aligarh – A Quest for Knowledge and  Bridge Building:  Cultivating Young Peace Educators to Promote Global Social Harmony (Amineh Hoti) 

Chapter 5: Moulding the Mind, Ordering the Life:  The Hall of Residence at Colonial Aligarh, 1877-1907 ( Mazhar Hussain)

Chapter 6: The Aligarh Movement and the History of  Colonial Education, 1870-1920 (Robert Ivermee) 

Chapter 7: Sir Syed’s Life of the Prophet: Eastern Sources (Gulfishan Khan)

Chapter 8: Westward Bound: Sir Syed’s Quest for Knowledge in his Travelogue, Musafiran-i London (1869) (Abdur Raheem Kidwai) 

Chapter 9: Blasphemy and Conversion Debate and Sir Syed (Shafey Kidwai)

Chapter 10: Sayyid Ahmad Khan and the Mughal Past (David Lelyveld) 

Chapter 11: Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan: An Avantgarde of Modernity (Hafeez Malik)

Chapter 12: Sir Syed Ahmed Khan: Reconstructing the Discourse of a Pioneering Muslim Modernist (Iftikhar H Malik) 

Chapter 13: Language, Friendship, and Respect: Two Families in Colonial India (Barbara D Metcalf)

Chapter 14: The Aligarh Movement: Its Genesis and Development (Shan Muhammad) 

Chapter 15: The Legacy of Sayyid Ahmad Khan in the Postcolonial Age (Geoffrey Nash)

Chapter 16: Sir Sayyid and the Religious Foundations for a Pluralist Society (Charles M Ramsey) 

Chapter 17: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and the Honour of the Prophet: the Danish Cartoon Crisis in Perspective

(Ataullah Siddiqui) 

Chapter 18: Some Remarks on Sayyid Ahmad Khan’s Commentary on Matthew 5 (Christian W Troll)

About the Editor: 

Abdur Raheem Kidwai is Professor of English and Director, UGC Human Resource Development Centre, at the Aligarh Muslim University. He has to his credit two PhDs in English: one from the Aligarh Muslim University, and the other from the University of Leicester, UK. Also, he has been the Honorary Professor/Fellow at the Department of English, University of Leicester, and Commonwealth Fellow. He has authored more than 25 books and hundreds of articles and reviews on English literature, English translations of the Quran, Literary Orientalism, and Urdu literature. His latest publications are: Orientalism in English Literature: Perception of Islam and Muslims (2016) and the edited volume, Believing and Belonging: Critical Essays on Muslim British Fiction (2016).

 He is the Chairman, Sir Syed Bicentenary Celebration Committee, AMU.

Target Audience:

This book will be useful for students  and academicians of education, history and Islamic Studies.
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