Title Concise Advice: The Smart Thinking Book
Subtitle 60 Bursts of Business Brilliance
Author Kevin Duncan
ISBN 9789386105202
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No of pages 144
Book size 140 x 216 mm
Publishing year 2017
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“When you want to take your mind for a sprint, pack TheSmart Thinking Book as your protein bar.”
—Richard Hytner, Deputy Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, and author of Consiglieri

“A fast, no bullshit shot in the arm for all of us who forget how simple business can be. Punchy + Bouncy = Refreshing!”
—Chris Barez-Brown, Founder of Upping Your Elvis, and author of Shine and Free!

“So many business books comprise a few good ideas and a lot of padding. Kevin’s book is full of a lot of good ideas and NO padding. Which would you prefer!”
—Euan Semple, ex-BBC, and author of Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do

“World class trainer.”
—Diana Rhodes, Head of Strategy & Planning, Royal Mail MarketReach


This book contains 60 pieces of distilled wisdom. Read each piece of advice in one minute, or the whole book in an hour.
The sticky note format allows you to use the ideas for personal motivation, or to stimulate teams in meetings. Growth, communication, innovation, creativity, relationships and thinking are all covered. Inspire yourself and your business with some Smart Thinking.



Part 1: Growth
• Planning: All Plans are Fiction • Models: All Models Are Wrong • Targets: Hit The Target, Miss The Point • Purpose: Don’t Confuse Direction With Destination • Efficiency: Don’t Confuse Movement With Progress • Adaptability: When The Facts Change, Change Your Mind • Preparation: Panic Early • Priority: Axe Administrivia • Effectiveness: Outcome Not Output • Decisiveness: Anti List

Part 2: Communication
• Topicality: Point-Less? • Attitude: ROI: Respect = Opinion + Inquiry • Clarity: Do We Really Need To Do This? • Language: Ban The Bull • Interaction: Waffler Or Wafflee? • Honesty: Trickle Of Doubt or Flood of Naked Truth? • Storytelling: The Power of Sequence • Comprehension: Don’t Assume People Won’t Understand • Conversation: First Question, Big Pause • Listening: STFU

Part 3: Innovation
• Approach: Be Relentlessly Curious • Opportunity: Close or Far Away? • Novelty: Break With The Past • Progress: Progress Not Perfection • Alternatives: Plan Bv. Plan A • Practice: Act Yourself Into A New Way of Thinking • Proof: Prototyping As Shorthand • Urgency: Speed Doesn’t Kill • Process: RTFM • Realism: Fool’s Gold White Space

Part 4: Creativity
• Environment: Build A Greenhouse • Ambiguity: Fuzzy Front End • Originality: Destroy to Create • Quality: Kill More Good Ideas • Language: Turn ORs Into ANDs • Speed: The Slow Hunch • Concentration: Novelty Overload • Progress: Quitting Can Be Winning • Commitment: Ham & Eggs. Chicken = Involved. Pig = Committed • Motivation: Create A ‘Done’  Wall

Part 5: Relationships
• Attitude: Take The Issues Seriously, But Not Yourself • Motivation: What’s In It For Me? • Humility: Manage Modestly • Causality: Do X, Anticipate Y • Teamwork: How Broad Is Your Church? • Consistency: 20 Mile March • Scale: Small Things = Big Difference • Personability: Have You Got A Minute? • Presence: No Show = No Say • Priority: Everything Louder Than Everything Else

Part 6: Thinking
•  Thought: Thinking Is Free, So Do It More Often • Action: Think, Do • Restraint: Do Nothing • Tasks: Quant or Qual? • Control: Tame Your Technology •  Priority: Say No (Politely) • Philosophy: Business ? Busyness • Effectiveness: Efficiency is a Sophisticated Form of Laziness • Ambition: Pretend You Already Have What You Want • Curiosity: Look Everything Up, Write Everything Down
About The Author

About the Author:

Kevin Duncan is a business adviser and marketing expert. His books have been translated into over a dozen languages. The Diagrams Book and The Ideas Book are ideal companions to this one.

Target Audience:

This book will be useful for students and academicians of management, corporate professionals and motivational trainers.
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