Title English Impulse 1 (With CD)
Subtitle A Comprehensive Language Course
Author Brinder Aulakh
ISBN 9789386243447
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 112
Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2017
Original publisher Viva Education
Published in India by Viva Education
Exclusive distributors Viva Books Private Limited
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Status New Arrival
About the book


English is synonymous with opportunities and success in the age of globalization. This is reflected in the increasing demand for English at all levels of school and professional education. Indian students in general depend on classroom teaching to learn English since they get only limited exposure to English at home and outside. A comprehensive and perceptively designed English language course like Viva English Impulse is therefore at the centre of the teaching and learning of English.

English Impulse embodies the vision of an ideal language course for Indian students and offers systematic exposure to language concepts through skill-based exercises and activities. Its course components are: coursebook, interactive multimedia student’s CD, teacher’s resource pack and online support.



A rich selection of literature that includes stories, poems, rhymes, excerpts from novels, biographies, episodes from history, folk tales and plays. These texts represent various cultures from India and across the world.

The thoroughly graded exercises included in these books are of varying challenge levels and address students of different levels of ability. They give all-round training in not just the basic language concepts but higher order skills like inferential comprehension and writing with conceptual clarity.


Core skills:

• Reading comprehension

• Vocabulary

• Grammar and usage

• Pronunciation

• Listening and speaking

• Functional, academic and creative writing


Colourful illustrations, contemporary design and friendly layout make these books a pleasing experience.

Interactive Multimedia CD:

• Audio for listening skills practice

Interactive sessions for practice in




Printable worksheets

Online Support www.vivadigital.in


Detailed Contents

Chapter 1. The Clever Rat

Chapter 2. Houses Big and Small

Chapter 3. Going for a Picnic

Chapter 4.The Naughty Mouse

Chapter 5. School Is Fun

Chapter 6. The Moon in a Bowl

Chapter 7. I Wonder!

Chapter 8. Little Topsy Gets Lost

Chapter 9. Animal Parade

Chapter 10. The Clever Frog

Chapter 11. To the Market

Chapter 12. Days of the Week

Chapter 13. The Calender and the Clock

Chapter  14.The Magic Pot

Chapter 15. Little Boy Blue

Chapter 16. Little Red Hen

About the Author:

The late Brinder Aulakh was a teacher trainer and materials producer. She developed materials for teaching phonetics, grammar and methodology for primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Her publications include Teaching Nursery Rhymes and A Remedial Grammar for Primary School Teachers and numerous articles on ELT. She was the director of the Regional Institute of English, Chandigarh. Her qualifications included M.A. English (Delhi), M.A. Linguistics (Delhi), M.A. Applied Linguistics (Reading, UK), M.Phil. Semiotics (Paris), B.Ed. (Punjab), PGCTE (CIEFL, Hyderabad), PGDTE (CIEFL, Hyderabad), Cert. English Language (Rajasthan & British Council), Cert. Linguistics, Statistics and ELT (UGC & Mysore).

Target audience:

Students of Class I

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