Title Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning, 2/e
Subtitle Understanding Marketing Plans and Strategy
Author Malcolm McDonald
ISBN 9780749478216
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Publishing year 2017
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“Major profitable growth can be achieved in a short period, leaving competitors in your wake.  This is a must-read for any owners or managers serious about business growth.”
—Stewart Barnes, Managing Director, QUo Lux

“Malcolm McDonald takes the reader through a step-by-step process to make these changes in approaching real market understanding and planning to capture value. Highly readable and practical!”
—Siobhan McAleer, Commercial Director, Irish Management Institute

“This book is essential reading for all small businesses wanting to write a marketing plan that works effectively across your organization, achieves growth and maximizes commercial profits. This book will save business owners consultancy fees (and allow them to ask suppliers the right questions), as well as help marketing agencies and marketers deliver significantly beyond their existing performance.”
—Kelvin Golding FCIM, Chartered Institute of Marketing Small Business Ambassador
and Regional Chairman


A primer for marketing professionals and students, Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planningprovides a comprehensive guide to every aspect of marketing planning. With an emphasis on practicality, this book covers the essentials of marketing planning and the strategic marketing process.
Snappy and succinct, thisfully revised second edition focuses on the practical application of marketing planning and helps readers develop strategies that are clearly linked to the real world and business success.
With a wealth of diagrams and frameworks, key content includes:
•    a practical way to begin planning a profitable future
•    understanding the real meaning of customer value
•    understanding how your market works
•    how to set achievable marketing objectives and strategies
•    templates for preparing your plan
•    how to deal with adversity
Written by a world-class authority on marketing plans, this book is perfect for all those who need a short, sharp revision of their planning skills or a handy guide to put their plans on the right track straight away.

Important note to the reader of this book – please read this
Chapter 1: Let’s get real • Introduction • Why competing on price is a no-no • Social media/digital • A very brief history of management • Challenges • What continuously successful companies do to meet these challenges • Actions
Chapter 2: Getting rid of that big managerial nonsense• Don’t get misled by all that financial information • The limited value of forecasts and budgets • What are the components of a business plan and the role of marketing? • What marketing is and its role in continuous organizational success • Actions
Chapter 3: Understand the real meaning of customer value • Introduction • What is value? • Differentiation • Branding • Actions
Chapter 4: A very practical way to begin planning a profitable future • Where to begin? • Actions
Chapter 5: Market segmentation – crucial to understanding your market and how it works • An important note from the author • Introduction • Market overview • Getting started • Actions
Chapter 6: What do our customers want?• Introduction • Don’t waste money on bad market research • A process for understanding what customers want (without spending money) • SWOTs, not SWAGs • Guidelines for a better approach • A process and a template for doing a proper SWOT • Finally • Actions
Chapter 7: How to set marketing objectives• Introduction • What are marketing objectives? • How to allocate your resources effectively • What should be plotted on the Strategic Planning Matrix (SPM)? • What does ‘Market Attractiveness’ mean? • What does ‘Our Relative Competitive Strength’ mean on the horizontal axis? • How to complete this Strategic Planning Matrix • How to interpret your SPM • Assumptions • We can now set objectives for each market in the SPM • Actions
Chapter 8: How to set marketing strategies• Introduction • New product development/market extension/ diversification • Marketing strategies • Competitive strategies and how to beat bigger competitors • Actions
Chapter 9: A step-by-step strategic planning system • Introduction • Strategic planning forms • What should appear in the strategic marketing plan? • The one-year marketing plan • Final comments
Chapter 10: How to deal with adversity

About the Authors:

Professor Malcolm McDonaldenjoys a global reputation as a leading authority on marketing. He  was until recently Professor of Marketing and Deputy Director at Cranfield University School of  Management and is now an Emeritus Professor there, as well as being an Honorary Professor at  Warwick Business School and Academic Advisor at Oxford College of Marketing. He has been a  consultant to many major companies in the UK, Europe, USA, Far East, South East Asia, Australasia  and Africa, in the areas of strategic marketing and marketing planning, market segmentation, key  account management, international marketing and marketing accountability. Professor McDonald is  also Chairman of numerous companies and works with the operating boards of some of the world’s  leading multinationals. He has written over 40 books, including co-authoring Marketing Value Metrics  and The Complete Marketer (both published by Kogan Page).
Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in marketing planning and strategy, marketing professionals and students, owners and managers.
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