Title Brand Protection in the Online World
Subtitle A Comprehensive Guide
Author David N. Barnett
ISBN 9780749478698
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“At last, a hugely valuable and comprehensive dossier covering online brand abuse in all its forms and explaining how a company can take appropriate action to combat it. This book is the first of its kind - comprehensive, educational, advisory and informative.”
—Lisa Deegan,Online Brand Protection Trusted Advisor and former Sales Director for Online Brand Protection and Anti-Piracy, MarkMonitor

“This is a very important book for any IP legal counsel. David defines brand protection in cyberspace with great professionalism and technical understanding. This comprehensive guide helps to mitigate IP risks and set standards for best practice.”
—Tomas Abelovsky, IP Counsel, Swiss Re

“Demystifies the complexity of this area. I highly recommend this book to businesses that want to get an edge.”
—Edwina MCDowall, former COO, NetNames


The growth of the internet has had a profound effect on the way business is carried out, and has provided an unprecedented opportunity for third-party individuals and organizations to attack brands with relative ease. These changes have resulted in the birth of a significant and rapidly growing new industry: online brand protection, consisting of specialist service providers that can be employed by brand owners to monitor and prevent potential attacks.
Brand Protection in the Online Worldexplains the full scope of internet infringement and the associated monitoring and enforcement options most relevant to brand owners and managers. Giving a clear and direct overview of the threats most commonly faced by brands today, the book:
  • covers crucial topics such as brand abuse, counterfeiting, fraud, digital piracy, the dark web and much more
  • delivers insights into key areas which will allow readers to make the most appropriate online brand protection decisions for their own companies
  • includes real-world examples and information boxes which outline more technical, in-depth areas exploring theory in more detail, and which can be consulted in isolation from the rest of the text.
Written by an industry expert with a unique understanding of the knowledge that brand owners, managers and strategists require, Brand Protection in the Online World is the definitive guide to cyber security and digital brand protection.


Information Boxes
About the Author
Chapter 1. Introduction • Background • The growth of the internet • The importance of online brand protection • Other areas for consideration • Internet technology - basic principles • Online brand protection - basic principles
Chapter 2. Domain names • Domain-name ownership • Domain-name brand protection • Examples of domain-name abuses • Domain-name detection • Domain-name enforcement
Chapter 3. General brand use and abuse• Introduction • Key categories of brand use or misuse • Brand seeding • Logo use and abuse • Site framing • Appearance of corporate e-mail addresses • Claims of affiliation  • Customer comment and activism
Chapter 4. e-Commerce activity and marketplaces• e-Cornmerce monitoring • Examples of probable infringing marketplace listings • Marketplace monitoring • Marketplace enforcement 
Chapter 5. Social media • Introduction • Key sites • Examples of brand infringements on social media • Social media enforcement
Chapter 6. Online Fraud • Phishing • Introduction • Phishing examples • Phishing detection and enforcement • "419" scams • Introduction • Monitoring and enforcement • Malware and fraud • Other monitoring
Chapter 7. Digital piracy • Overview  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing • Cyberlockers • Piracy detection • Piracy enforcement
Chapter 8. Mobile apps • Introduction • Mobile app monitoring and enforcement 
Chapter 9. Sponsored-ad monitoring • Introduction • Sponsored-ad monitoring and enforcement
Chapter 10. Affiliate monitoring • Affiliate marketing programmes • Brand protection across affiliate networks • Brand infringements on affiliate sites
Chapter 11. ‘Deep’ and ‘Dark’ Web • Introduction • Tor • IRC
Chapter  12. Additional and future areas of interest • Bespoke, specialized or manual services • Current and future developments 
Appendix A: Glossary of key terms 
Appendix B: Examples of potential brand infringements • B.l Introduction • B.2 Luxury goods brand • B.3 Financial services brand • B.4 Educational institution
Appendix C: Sample enforcement notices • C.l Introduction • C.2 Enforcement notice templates 
Appendix D: Rules languages - basic principles • D.l Introduction • D.2 General functionality • D.3 Sample rules
Appendix E: Internet technologies - additional technical detail 

About the Author:

David N Barnett has spent the last 12 years as Head of Analysis and Consultancy at NetNames, a leading global provider of online brand protection and domain name strategy, assisting global brands to prevent brand abuse online. David’s professional history has allowed him to acquire an understanding of not only the requirements of the online brand protection industry, but also the associated methodologies and underlying technologies.

Target Audience:

Definitive guide to cyber security and digital brand protection for brand owners, managers and strategists.
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