Title ICSE Chemistry Book 6
Author Shweta Sharma
ISBN 9789386243744
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No of pages 156
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Publishing year 2017
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About the book


• Focus on concept clarity • Term-wise evaluation through assessment sheets • Perfect blend of theoretical and practical approach • Online answer keys and worksheets


ICSE Chemistry is a set of three books for the students of classes 6-8. It teaches concepts in a clear, crisp and interesting manner to satisfy the needs of young minds. The series has been written strictly in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education.


Key features:

• Text arrayed into conceptual blocks, supplemented with hands-on activities and examples, and presented in easy-to-grasp pieces for easy understanding of each concept

• Conceptual skeleton of each chapter represented through Learning Objectives

• Inclusion of visual learning through neat, clear and well-labelled diagrams and illustrations

• Margin comments consisting of meanings of difficult words, extra information relevant to the concept in Thirst for Knowledge and thought-provoking questions in Thinking Fountain

Terms to Know andSummary given at the end of each chapter to consolidate important definitions and the concepts learnt

Take a Break section containing objective assessment exercises interspersed in the text to recall and review the concepts learnt

• Various assessment tools like short and long answer type questions, complete the equations, multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, true or false, odd one out, match the columns, differentiate between, give reasons, etc. included in Exercises to reinforce the concepts learnt in the chapter

• Interesting and engaging activities and experiments given under the sections Fun Activity to nurture and develop scientific skills

Assessment sheetsprovided as a tool for self assessment by the students

Glossary containing definitions of all the important terms given at the end of each book



• Teacher’s Manual • Teacher’s CD: E-book, Test Generator, Printable Worksheets and Lesson Plan Template




• Answer Keys and Worksheets



Chapter 1: Chemistry and Its Importance

Chapter 2: Common Laboratory Apparatus and Equipment

Chapter 3: The Nature of Matter

Chapter 4: Elements, Compounds, Symbols and Formulae

Chapter 5: Pure Substances and Mixtures

Chapter 6: Changes around Us

Chapter 7: Air

Chapter 8: Water

Chapter 9: Rocks, Minerals and Soil

Assessment Sheet 1 • Assessment Sheet 2 • Glossary


About The Author:

Shweta Sharma has done M.Sc., M.Phil. and B.Ed. She is an educational books editor based in New Delhi.


Target audience:

Students and Teachers of ICSE Class 6.

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