Title ICSE Mathematics - Book 8
Author Monicaa Abhijit, Ajay Kumar, Sandhya Yadav (Editor)
ISBN 9788130933122
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 384
Book size 210 x 280 mm
Publishing year 2016
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About the book


• Ample solved examples

Mental maths

Self-testing exercises

Online study material


ICSE Mathematics, a carefully planned series for classes 6 to 8, conforms to the latest syllabus prescribed by the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education.  Through clear explanations and supporting examples, the series covers all topics comprehensively.


Features of the series:

Emphasis on concept clarity

Ample solved examples for easy and quick understanding

Exercises given after every section within the chapter for reinforcement of concepts done

Important tips and additional information given in Maths Info and Points to remember

Summarygiven at the end of each chapter

Variety of questions in Review Exercise of each chapter including Mental Maths and Solve and Answer containing objective and subjective questions

Self-Testing Exercisesfor each unit compiled at the end of the book

Teacher’s CD

Flip book

Test generator

Question bank

Lab activities

Lesson plan template


Unit 1. Numbers

Chapter 1. Number system

Chapter 2.  Factors and Multiples

Chapter 3. Fractions

Chapter 4.  Decimals

Chapter 5.  Powers and Roots


Unit 2: Arithmetical Problems

Chapter 6.  Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 7.  Unitary Method

Chapter 8.   Speed, Time and Distance

Chapter 9.  Percentage

Chapter 10.  Profit and Loss

Chapter 11.  Interest


Unit 3: Algebra

Chapter 12.  Fundamental Concepts and Operations of Algebra

Chapter 13. Exponents

Chapter 14. Special Products and Expansions

Chapter 15. Factorization

Chapter 16. Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

Chapter 17. Formulae

Chapter 18. Linear Equations in One Variable

Chapter 19. Simultaneous Equations

Chapter 20. Quadratic Equations

Chapter 21. Linear Inequalities

Chapter 22. Linear Graphs


Unit 4: Geometry

Chapter 23.  Fundamental Concepts of Geometry

Chapter 24.  Triangles

Chapter 25.  Congruency of Triangles

Chapter 26.  Polygons

Chapter 27.  Quadrilaterals

Chapter 28. Constructions

Chapter 29. Area Propositions

Chapter 30. Circles

Chapter 31.  Symmetry, Reflection and Rotation


Unit 5: Mensuration

Chapter 32.  Perimeter and Area

Chapter 33.  Volume and Surface Area


Unit 6. Statistics

Chapter 34. Collection and Tabulation of Data

Chapter 35. Graphical Representation of Data

Chapter 36. Mean, Median and Mode


Unit 7: Sets

Chapter 37.  Set Theory

Chapter 38.  Venn Diagram

Chapter 39. Relations and Mappings


Self-Testing Exercises



About the Authors & Editor:

Monicaa Abhijit, with teaching experience of over 25 years, is currently teaching in St. Thomas School, New Delhi.

Ajay Kumar, with teaching experience of over 15 years, is currently head of Mathematics Department in St. Mary’s School, New Delhi.

Sandhya Yadav is an educational books editor and resource person based in New Delhi. She did her M.Sc. in Mathematics from Delhi University.


Target Audience:

ICSE Students of class 8.

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