Title Strategic Sourcing Management
Subtitle Structural and Operational Decision-making
Author Olivier Bruel
ISBN 9780749476991
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Publishing year 2017
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“A comprehensive account of the strategic and operational aspects of procurement and sourcing management. This is an invaluable resource for those seeking guidance in this complex and evolving field.”
—Carlos Mena Madrazo, Assistant Professor, Eli Broad School of Management, Michigan

“An essential compendium, by a renowned authority - and all in wonderful technical detail with a rich depth of practical guidance.”
—Jonathan O’Brien, CEO of international purchasing consultancy and training provider Positive Purchasing


Strategic Sourcing Management examines procurement and supply management with a comprehensive global approach, covering the three dimensions of competitiveness, effectiveness and efficiency. Written by Olivier Bruel, Professor Emeritus, HEC Paris, and an esteemed team of contributing experts from academia, consulting and industry, this book shares unique insights into both tactical and strategic perspectives, linking them into a corporate strategy.
Strategic Sourcing Management presents a wealth of global research and experience, including dedicated chapters on how to set up a strategic sourcing function through a division into four parts:
  • strategic decisions and supplier policies
  • the operational management of procurement
  • organizing and managing resources
  • performance and change management
The book’s impressive coverage confirms Strategic Sourcing Managementas an ideal handbook for professionals and academics, delivering solid clarity and direction on how to apply the mechanisms of value creation through strategic sourcing with best practice frameworks in business.


Part One: Strategic decisions and supplier policies
Chapter 1: Procurement: Integration in a company’s general strategy
Chapter 2: Procurement marketing: Segmentation and strategies
Chapter 3: Definition of requirements and upstream procurement practices
Chapter 4: Supplier policy: Sourcing, supplier panels and SRM
Chapter 5: Globalization and international procurement
Chapter 6: Sustainable procurement: Risks and implementation
Chapter 7: Outsourcing, ‘make-or-buy’ decisions and simple subcontracting

Part Two: Operational management of procurement
Chapter 8: Quantitative forecasting and requirements planning
Chapter 9: Economic optimization of procurement: TCO minimization, service levels for internal clients and shared cash management
Chapter 10: Calls for tenders: Major stages, selection process and post- procurement follow-up
Chapter 11: Procurement of services: CapEx purchasing decisions
Chapter 12: Financial challenges procurement: Mechanisms for protecting currency, energy and commodity prices
Chapter 13: Public procurement: French and European contexts
Chapter 14: The practice of international operations
Chapter 15: International procurement: Legal considerations

Part Three: Organization and management of resources
Chapter 16: Organization, structure and positioning of the procurement department
Chapter 17: Procurement professions and HR management
Chapter 18: Procurement information systems and dedicated web tools

Part Four: Performance and change management
Chapter 19: Procurement communication plan
Chapter 20: Procurement performance: Measurement indicators and reporting systems
Chapter 21: Procurement performance: Steering change management
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About the Author:

Olivier Bruel is Professor Emeritus of the Information Systems & Operations Management Department at HEC Paris. He carries out many consultancy activities and is also Founder and Honorary President of the ACA (Association CESA Achats et Supply Chain).

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This book is useful for supply and procurement and sourcing managers.
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