Title 21st Century Quranic Studies in English
Subtitle A Bibliography
Author Sajid Shaffi
ISBN 9789387486355
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21st Century Quranic Studies in English: A Bibliography - lists the latest works on Quranic studies. It includes bibliographical details of the works related to the Quran in English - translations (45), books (400), journal articles/book chapters (1200) and book - reviews (200) in addition to unpublished theses/dissertations (100). This bibliography is indispensable for the students of Quranic studies.





Part-I: English Translations of the Quran

Part-II: Books on the Quran • Introducing the Quran • Art of the Translation  • Interpreting the Quran  • Quranic Themes  • Comparative Religions/Scriptures  • Contemporary Issues • Miscellaneous

Part-III: Articles on the Quran • Theology/Metaphysics  • The Quran and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)  • History of the Collection and Codex of the Quran  • Art of the Quran Recitation  • The Quran Translations and Translators  • Interpreting the Quran • Medieval Interpretations • Modern Interpretations  • Quranic Vocabulary  • Quranic Arabic/Language and Literature  • Law in the Quranic Context  • Sufism in the Quranic Context  • Comparative Religions/Scriptures in the Quranic Context • Christianity • Judaism • Others  • Art and Architecture in the Quranic Context  • Science in the Quranic Context  • Contemporary Issues in the Quranic Context • Current Issues and the Quran • Feminism and Related Issues • Other Related Issues  • Orientalist Polemics and Muslim Responses  • General Articles on the Quran

Part-IV: Book Reviews on the Quranic Studies

Part-V: Theses on the Quran • Ph.D Theses/Dissertation  • Masters Dissertations

Reference Works on the Quran

List of Selected Journals

Author Index

About the Author:

Sajid Shaffi pursued his Master’s degree at the Department of Islamic Studies, Aligarh Muslim University. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. at the same department on the topic ‘Orientalists’ English Translations of the Quran with Special Reference to Alan Jones’ (2007). He is also Assistant Convener, Quranic Studies Forum, K.A.N Centre for Quranic Studies, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

Target Audience:

Students and academicians of Quranic Studies.


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