Title Start Up Mathematics - Introductory
Author SandhyaYadav
ISBN 9789386824097
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 104
Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2020
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Start Up Mathematics conforms to the latest NCF guidelines with careful grading of interdisciplinary and thematic linkages. The books are carefully planned to give comprehensive coverage to all the topics through clear explanations and sound supporting examples. There is ample focus on activities and exercises to develop logical thinking and reasoning.

Special Features of Start Up Mathematics for Introductory Level

• Based on the latest NCF guidelines

• Concepts introduced through conversations and stories

• Ample scope for student-teacher interaction

• Exercises given after each concept for reinforcement

• Revision exercises to evaluate learning

• Attractively designed with colourful illustrations

• Appropriately graded keeping in mind the level of the children


Chapter 1. Pre-Mathematical Concepts

Chapter 2. Counting 1 to 5

Chapter 3. Before, After, Between up to 5

Chapter 4. Bigger or Smaller up to 5

Revising Numbers up to 5

Chapter 5. Numbers 6 to 9

Chapter 6. Zero and Ten

Revising Numbers up to 10

Chapter 7. Counting by Tens

Chapter 8. Numbers 11 to 20

Chapter 9. Before, After, Between up to 20

Chapter 10. Bigger or Smaller up to 20

Revising Numbers 11 to 20

Chapter 11. Numbers 21 to 30

Revising Numbers 21 to 30

Chapter 12. Numbers 31 to 50

Revising Numbers 31 to 50

Chapter 13. Ordinal Numbers

Chapter 14. Days of the Week

Chapter 15. Addition

Chapter 16. Subtraction

Chapter 17. Shapes

Chapter 18. Patterns

Chapter 19. Numbers 51 to 100

About the Author:

SandhyaYadav is an educational books editor and resource person based in New Delhi. She did her M.Sc. in Mathematics from Delhi University.

Target Audience:

Students of Kindergarten in schools.


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