Title Corals: An Integrated Term Book Series LKG, Term 1
Subtitle English, Mathematics & Environmental Studies
Author Roma Jain
ISBN 9789387153707
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 116
Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2018
Original publisher Viva Education
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Corals for pre-primary is a set of six books (three for each class and one per term). The course is based on the guidelines provided in the latest National Curriculum Framework for school education. Each term book includes three subjects – English, Mathematics and Environmental Studies. The series aims at reducing the bulk of the school bag. It is a well-planned and carefully organized series keeping in mind the academic needs of young children.


Key Features:


  • Child-friendly content, illustrations, exercises and activities
  • Level-based and well-graded for effective learning
  • Focuses on reinforcing concepts through adequate exercises
  • A variety of activities given to maximize learning
  • Holistic approach followed throughout the series to enhance learning and reasoning capability


Additional Support


  • Online Worksheets: Practice worksheets are provided online for all subjects for additional practice.
  • Teacher’s Manual: A detailed teacher’s manual is available for teachers to facilitate teaching. It also includes a teacher’s CD with animated concepts, rhymes and other resources.




The Alphabet Song    Patterns    Curved Lines    Drops of Water    Letter Aa    Letter Bb    Letter Cc    Letter Dd    Write the Letter    Letter Sound    Cross the Picture    The Animal Train    Letter Ee    Letter Ff    Letter Gg    Letter Hh    Write the Letter    Letter Sound    Cross the Picture



Big and Small    Long and Short    Thick and Thin    Full and Empty    Heavy and Light    Tall and Short    More and Less    Far and Near    Same Size    One for Each    Odd One Out    One    Two    Three    Count and Circle    Four    Five    Count and Write    Count and Circle    Number Graph    Missing Numbers


Environmental Studies

Myself    Growing Up    Dress Neatly    Poor Georgie    My Toys    Yummy Food    My Body    Keeping Clean    Good Habits    My Family    Happy Hours    Things in My House    My Kitchen    My Bathroom    My Bedroom    Living Room    My School    Activities in School    My Classroom    Be Healthy    Be Safe and Responsible    Red Colour    Yellow Colour    Blue Colour    Black Colour    White Colour    Green Colour    Match Them 

About the Author and Consultant Editor:

Roma Jain, a psychology graduate from Delhi University, is a consultant with Ryan International School (Rohini), Heritage Play Centre and Blessing Pre-nursery School. She is also a resource person and has conducted many workshops in various schools.

Sarada Damaraju, a trainer, administrator and a teacher has pursued M.Com, DECE and B.Ed. She has an enriching experience of over 11 years in teaching across classes. Teaching pre-primary classes is her passion and key thrust area.

Target Audience:

Students of LKG, Term 1.


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