Title Viva Start Up Science Lab Manual - Book 6
Author S.P. Verma
ISBN 9789387692343
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Publishing year 2018
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Start Up Science Lab Manuals for classes 6 to 8 aim at providing a hands-on learning experience to students to explore fundamentals of science. The books are designed to sharpen scientific skills like experimentation, observation, interpretation, conclusion, etc.


Key features

  • Based on the latest NCERT syllabus
  • Precautions to be taken in a laboratory included in the section Laboratory Ethics
  • Systematic presentation of experiments
  • Neat and labelled diagrams to aid procedure, wherever necessary
  • Viva Voce and Multiple Choice Questions at the end of each experiment for self evaluation
  • A variety of projects and activities given in a separate section
  • Recorded experiments can be viewed on www.vivadigital.in


Chapter 1: To test for the presence of starch in food samples

Chapter 2: To test for the presence of fat in food samples

Chapter 3: To test for the presence of protein in food samples

Chapter 4: To separate the components of a mixture of wheat flour and pulse

Chapter 5: To separate a mixture of sand and water

Chapter 6: To separate a mixture of water and common salt by evaporation

Chapter 7: To separate mud and water from muddy water by (a) sedimentation and decantation, and (b) filtration

Chapter 8: To study the characteristics of different types of fabrics

Chapter 9: To prepare a saturated salt solution

Chapter 10: (a) To magnetize a piece of iron (b) To study the properties of a magnet

Chapter 11: To find out which substances are soluble in water and which are not

Chapter 12: To identify objects as transparent, translucent or opaque

Chapter 13: To study the different parts of a flower

Chapter 14: To study the conduction of water by stem in a flowering twig

Chapter 15: To recycle paper

Projects and Activities


About the Author:

S.P. Verma, M.Sc., M.Ed., PGCPM, is a former Principal of KVS and has devoted more than 27 years in the field of education. He is presently working as an Educational Consultant and Teacher Trainer. He has conducted more than 40 training programmes and workshops, and has published many books on environmental education and career planning. His book entitled ‘Career Options’ has been published in 12 editions in 4 languages.

Target Audience:

Students of Class 6.

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