Title Project Management in the Real World
Author Elizabeth Harrin
ISBN 9781902505817
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 228
Book size 159 x 242 mm
Publishing year 2011
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About the book

Description: Project Management in the Real World is a unique combination of real life case studies and analysis of the latest research, providing essential advice from the experts: how to avoid common pitfalls, make effective shortcuts and succeed as a project manager.

Successful projects are led by experienced project managers. Until now there has not been a short cut to getting this experience.

Project Management in Real World covers:
• Managing project budgets: how to plan your spending and keep your finances on track.
• Managing project scope: work out what you need to do and how you are going to get there.
• Managing project teams: determine who needs to be involved and get them onboard from the start.
• Managing yourself: be better organized and avoid administrative headaches.

Whether you are running a small project or managing a large scale change, this book is an invaluable resource packed with easy to   implement hints.

Contents: Section 1: Managing project budgets: Create a realistic budget • Calculate the true cost • Agree a budget tolerance • Track estimate to complete • Have a contingency fund • Gain buy-in for collective responsibility • Agree who holds signing authority • Watch each budget line • Arrange for a peer review • Manage the model • Manage projects with no budget carefully • Section 2: Managing project scope : Keep it small • Work out how to manage changes • Include quality planning in scope • Work out how to track benefits • Eliminate ambiguity • Use version control • Put a post-project review in scope • Identify risks up front • Manage risks • Manage issues • Document assumptions • Involve users in scope definition • Section 3: Managing project teams: Communicate and document changes • Get them to believe • Know the culture of your team • Agree who is going to sign off • Don’t forget the soft stuff • Train your sponsor • Bribe your team • Carry out stakeholder analysis • Present your stuff interestingly • Organize a party • Find out what motivates your stakeholders • Section 4: Managing project plans : Keep up the momentum • Plan first – set end date later • Manage fixed-date projects carefully • Have short tasks • Understand the critical path • Understand where you’re starting from • Baseline your plan • Record time • Make meetings productive • Delegate subplans to workstream leaders • Work out when you will leave • Section 5: Managing yourself : Get organized • Keep your records tidy • Don’t lose sight of the end goal • Promote yourself • Don’t panic • Know what’s a showstopper • Learn how to faciliate • Get a mentor • Do documentation • Don’t be afraid to suggest they pull the plug • Archive effectively

About the Author: ELIZABETH HARRIN is a project manager for AXA and was previously with American Express. A PRINCE2 Practitioner, she is trained in the Six Sigma process improvement methodology as a Black Belt. Elizabeth is an alumnus of the universities of York and Roehampton and a member of the BCS. She currently lives and works in Paris.

Target Audience: Whether you are running a small project or managing a large scale change, this book is an invaluable resource packed with easy to implement hints.

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