Title Effective Sales Enablement
Subtitle Achieve sales growth through collaborative sales and marketing
Author Pam Didner
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“What’s different about this book? Pam Didner has been in the marketing and sales trenches and clearly understands what works...and what doesn’t. Save yourself some time making mistakes and just get it right the first time by reading this book.”

Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute and Author, Content Inc. and Killing Marketing


Sales enablement is a proven system for increasing revenue and productivity by creating integrated content, training and coaching for the sales function.

Written from a marketer’s perspective, Effective Sales Enablement goes beyond sales training and development. Pam Didner presents fresh thinking and creative approaches to improve sales enablement strategies, processes and programmes. Using case studies and examples from well-known brands such as Cisco, Oracle and Google, she provides a blueprint for any organization wanting to create a sales enablement function which will, in turn, accelerate revenue growth.

Effective Sales Enablement shows you how to:

- Understand trends that impact sales professionals and how to take advantage of them

- Become a better marketer with creative ideas on how to support sales

- Integrate sales elements into select marketing programmes - and vice versa

- Assemble a first-class sales enablement team

- Leverage technology to better integrate sales and marketing


About the author



Introduction: Sales enablement from a marketer’s perspective

Chapter 1: Sales enablement, Leonardo da Vinci and the Industrial Revolution • Then came engines… powered by steam • Did we need sales enablement to sell the steam engine? • Selling became complicated after the Industrial Revolution • Fast forward to the computer era • Sales enablement is ready for prime time • Notes

Chapter 2: Twelve sales trends that matter • The sales world is changing rapidly • From trends to solutions: start with why? • Key trends that shape the sales profession • The benefits of understanding trends • Next steps after identifying initiatives • Salespeople need to be more than salespeople • Notes

Chapter 3: The dilemma for marketing as a sales enablement function • Marketing is woven into the solutions of future trends • Constant friction between sales and marketing • Find commonalities in misalignment • Focus on joint priorities • Establish a service level agreement with clear metrics • Marketing and sales working to improve the lead process • Solicit sales feedback and comments • It’s a great deal of work to support sales • Notes

Chapter 4: Branding and messaging also apply to sales • Consistency is key • The catalyst for consistent brand and messaging • Brand guide • Messaging framework • Other types of messaging • Different journey, consistent messaging • Consistency does not mean rigidity • The power of branding and messaging to sales • Notes

Chapter 5: Key sales enablement ingredients: Training, content and coaching • Sales training • Content • Coaching • Integrate training, content and coaching • Notes

Chapter 6: All marketing leads to sales • Marketing is no longer just marketing • Partner marketing or co-marketing • Channel partner marketing • Email marketing • E-commerce • Affiliate marketing • Loyalty programmes • Programmatic and re-targeting ads • Social media marketing • Marketing programmes as your sales tool • Integrated marketing • Notes

Chapter 7: Design and user experience enhance sales success • Quantify ROI of design and user experience • The role of user experience in assisting sales • Incorporating interactive content into sales processes and training • Including sales messages within SaaS-based products or company apps • Sourcing user-friendly sales enablement tools • Creating intuitive and buyer-focused marketing communications • Notes

Chapter 8: When it’s time to build your sales enablement team • It’s about what you want to accomplish • Where should sales enablement reside? • Talent and skillsets • Supporting sales enablement across regions • Cross-region sales enablement • The sales enablement team structure is fluid • Notes

Chapter 9: It’s complicated: The blessings and curses of technology • Select tools at different stages of the sales process • Helpful hints • Creating customers insights through descriptive and predictive analytics • Discovering relevant customers and predicting their moves via AI • Humans vs human-like machines • Balancing technology and human judgement • Notes

Chapter 10: Action. Action. Action. • What can we change now? • How can we improve? • What can we add? • Know the knowns • Beware of the unknowns • Manage what you can change • Actions advance actions • Notes


About the Author:

Pam Didner is a content marketing leader, author and speaker. She was Global Integrated Marketing Strategist at Intel where she led their product launches and worldwide marketing campaigns. Her boutique consulting firm advises companies including Intel, 3m, Sunstar, Insitu and Cisco.

Target Audience:

Useful for students and academicians of marketing and sales.

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