Title Postmodern Essays on Love, Sex, and Marriage in Shakespeare
Author Bhim S. Dahiya
ISBN 9788130910093
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Publishing year 2017
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About the book


Postmodern Essays on Love, Sex, and Marriage in Shakespeare is a collection of essays contributed by scholars of eminence from different countries. Focused on the related themes of love, sex, and marriage, the essays offer a variety of interpretations from viewpoints as varied as cultural materialism and new historicism, queer theory and feminism, teaching pedagogy and intertextuality. Apart from a close reading of Shakespeare’s plays, the essays included in this volume attempts to show the density of dramatic idiom and subtlety of the writer’s thought.

Demonstrating new ways of looking at the ever-revealing texts of Shakespeare’s dramas, the critics included in this collection indicate new directions or further explorations of the greatest dramatic talent the world has known so far. Decidedly, this latest volume of essays on Shakespeare can be of great use for teachers, students and scholars alike, guiding or doing research on the plays of Shakespeare or on the related theme of love, sex, and marriage in the work of any other writer. Reading perceptive critics, who offer rare insights, is always an education of the mind, besides being valuable on the particular subjects they discuss in their commentaries.
•  The essays offer new ways of looking at Shakespeare’s plays, especially useful for students and teachers.
•  The essays use the medium of critical theory to arrive at an understanding of the themes that govern Shakespeare’s work.
•  The essays demonstrate the density of dramatic idiom and subtlety of expression that informs Shakespeare’s work.
•  The essays can be used as research material by scholars of Shakespeare.


Marriage in Shakespeare: A Community Affair • Reading Shakespearean Marriages through Queer Theory • Marriage and Bastardy: The Relationship between Richard III and Tudor Ideology • Katharina as an Invisible Entity in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew • The Negation of Marriage in Romeo and Juliet • ‘O happy dagger!: Teaching Romeo and Juliet • Confining Women, Family and Household: Marriage in Much Ado About Nothing • Hamlet and the Tragedy of Sexuality • The Shattered Glass: The Story of (O) phelia • ‘As your daughter may conceive’: A Note on the Fair Ophelia • Meting Out Marriage in Measure for Measure • Diversity of Marriages Postulated in The Tempest • Wedding Interrupted: Women’s Political Will in The Two Noble Kinsmen

About the Editor:

Bhim S. Dahiya has taught English Literature for over four decades at different universities in India and abroad. He has to his credit several books on Anglo-American literature and higher education, including The Hero in Hemingway (1978), Poet-Critics on Shakespeare (1990), The University Autonomy in India (2002), A New History of English Literature (2005). He has also edited The Journal of Drama Studies, an International Journal of Research in World Drama in English (including translation). After a long stint as Professor of English and Vice-Chancellor of Kurukshetra University, Dr Dahiya is presently acting as an Advisor to M.M. University, Mullana (Ambala) in India.


Erik Rosenkrantz Bruun • Emily Carr • Bhim S. Dahiya • R. W. Desai • William C. Ferleman • Joseph P. Haugehy • Jan M. Hawkley • Lisa Hopkins • JoNette LaGamba • John O’Meara • Ranjini Philip • Anand Prakash • Sujatha Vijayaraghavan    
Target Audience:

All libraries of colleges and universities where English and in particular Shakespeare is taught • This volume will be particularly useful to the students/ scholars of B.A, M.A, M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes relating to the plays Shakespeare • The essays included in this volume can also be used by teachers and students alike while discussing the themes of love, sex, and marriage in literary works other than Shakespeare.

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