Title Early Learners Environmental Studies Book A
Author Roma Jain
ISBN 9788130911915
List price Rs 285.00
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 92
Book size 216 x 280 mm
Publishing year 2012
Original publisher Viva Education
Published in India by Viva Education
Exclusive distributors Viva Books Private Limited
Sales territory Worldwide
Status In Stock
About the book

Description: Viva Early Learners series is a set of 7 books for children studying at preprimary levels. These colourfully illustrated activity-based books aim at teaching various skills and concepts in a well-graded and thematic manner. Each book has a number of activities and practice tasks to develop age-appropriate skills such as understanding concepts, vocabulary development, letter and sound recognition, and mathematical concepts.

Salient Features of the Series :

• Systematically graded lessons

• Easy-to-follow instructions

• Apt and colourful illustrations

• A Variety of age-appropriate exercises

• Group activities

• Activities to build concentration

Target audience: Parents, school teachers, preprimary level children.

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