Title Beginning Postmodernism, 2/e
Author Tim Woods
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Reviews: ‘Tim Woods little gem...I wish I had stuff like this when I was an undergraduate.’ - Gary Day, THES

‘It is by far the best introduction to postmodernism that this reviewer has read.’ - Choice

: ‘Postmodernism’ became the buzzword of contemporary society in the I 990s, ‘yet, even now, it still remains confusing and baffling in its variety of definitions, contexts and associations. This second edition of Beginning postmodernism offers clear, accessible and step-by-step introductions to postmodernism across a wide range of subjects. It encourages readers to explore how the debates about postmodernism have emerged from basic philosophical and cultural ideas, and to develop comparative connections and ideas from one area to another, it has been updated, amended and enlarged, covering the decade since the publication of the first edition. With its emphasis firmly on postmodernism in practice’, the book contains questions designed to help readers understand and reflect upon a variety of positions within the following areas of contemporary culture: philosophy and cultural theory; architecture and concepts of space; visual art, sculpture and material culture; popular culture and music; film, video and television; and the social sciences.

Introduction: the naming of parts • Postmodernism: philosophy, cultural theory and theology • Postmodernism and the literary arts • Postmodern architecture and concepts of space • Postmodernism in visual art, sculpture, and the design arts • Postmodernism, popular culture and music • Postmodernism, film, video and televisual culture • Postmodernism and the social sciences • Conclusion: whither postmodernism? • Index

About the Author:
Tim Woods is Professor of English Literature and American Studies, and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Aberystwyth University.

Target Audience:
Students of English Literature.
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